Alien Worlds #1 Landowner Gives Back to Miners & Communities

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It’s Like a Circus Out There, Isn’t It?

As blockchain game players, we know that the crypto space can be like a circus. During times like this, we are reminded that it’s never been a better time to create value for our communities in the Metaverse. There may be clowns, wild animals, trainers and all sorts of strange things and people we’ve never seen before, but together we can gather in a virtual tent, have shared experiences and create shows for each other. Let’s jump in and see if we can have some fun in the Metaverse!

JR’s Lands Metaverse Circus

Someone who knows this well is JR, one of the longest playing players of Alien Worlds. JR is the #1 landowner in Alien Worlds and has stayed behind the scenes until recently. Now, he’s coming into the public eye with his new Metaverse, JR’s Lands as a way to give back to Alien Worlds Miners and their communities.

What does this mean for Miners?

Starting August 1, 2022, JR will be hosting weekly events on his 191 (currently) lands. Any miners who select one of his lands will support the community event featured that week. Miners who mine the “Big Top” will have a chance to win NFTs. Miners should aim to Claim at the top of each hour UTC, such as 12:00, 1:00, etc. The first ten to mine at the top of the hour (the “Big Top”) will win the community NFT of the week, plus one of JR’s Lands Circus NFTs. Players who qualify will receive NFTs in their wallets approximately one week after qualifying.

What NFTs are dropping?

During the first week of community events, Miners will play for coffee from Lisa’s Coffee Shop, launching the new Lisa’s Coffee Shop game card NFT collection. Enhance your mining experience with a good cup of virtual coffee and save your cups to recycle for coffee on Earth (coming soon!). Upcoming community NFTs planned include Art Vending Machine, Marisol Vengas, Galatika and Dark Galaxies.

Plus, each week JR’s Lands will give out a different Circus NFT, too! At first collect them, but watch for ways to use them at the Circus in the future.

What does this mean for Communities?

Communities who are featured during a week on JR’s Lands not only have the opportunity to share their NFTs with Miners and bring awareness to their games and game card collections, they will share in the Trilium (TLM) that JR receives as a landowner from mining on his lands. Thank you JR! Communities who want to drop on JR’s Lands can find a request form to complete and submit on

Meanwhile, backstage…

The latest news from behind-the-scenes at the Circus on JR’s Lands can be found at Here are some highlights from recent posts:

The Circus Tent is Being Delivered… And Then Built!

“There’s an old Miner on Magor near the Sea who has found some wood and is shackeling (is that a word?) a wooden sign together boasting the words “Circus” so we’ll know where to go… as if the gigantic circus tent isn’t enough!”

Tamel Has Signed On! Tamel Has Signed On!

“Tamel the Tiger has signed on to JR’s Lands Circus! We could not be more excited. He seems really happy about the idea. He was at the location the other day, roaming around, sniffing out the corners. He’s a little unsure about this NFT stuff, but sat for his picture, nevertheless. He totally gets the Metaverse… “I spend most of my day thinking about roams I’ve done… I essentially live in the Metaverse as it is.” Tamel, we could not be more excited that you’re joining and look forward to your debut at JR’s Lands Circus! And, we are ordering your special snacks per your request!”

Circus Tickets Have Been Delivered!

“It’s been round and round but we finally have circus tickets! Apparently traditional ticket printers don’t know how to deliver tickets to the Metaverse yet… lol. It’s a long story, but the tickets have finally arrived! … The Poodle Parade is still en route and we are a little worried about them showing for opening night. Hopefully they will be here in time. We have bones waiting. Fingers crossed! Watch for tickets soon…”


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