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Galactic Hubs Development Grants Update


A vibrant community is needed for a thriving ecosystem. That’s why the Galactic Hubs Grant Program was created to support teams developing decentralized technologies for the future of the Alien Worlds metaverse and web3.

Our team has received a stream of grant applications since applications opened to the public in May 2022, including projects targeting multiple levels of the technology stack for a variety of use cases. Judges for each category are carefully examining the scope of each application at this point in the selection phase before deciding whether to advance them to the development stage.

The ongoing interest in the grant program demonstrates the potential for a new era of technology that centers around users’ interests and creates a more effective environment for Alien Worlds metaverse to thrive. We are pleased that so many teams want to help build the future.

Project pipeline

Galactic Hubs’ mission is to increase innovation through community-led initiatives. It is a strategic initiative that brings together top industry thinkers, tech talent, and funding, to fuel the Alien Worlds ecosystem growth through the development and expansion of gaming, NFTs, storytelling, technical infrastructure and real-world solutions.

Below are just a few of the many promising Development level projects judges are currently following, listed by category:

Art & Collectibles: An applicant proposes using motion capture suits to animate Alien Worlds characters in 3D to enrich storytelling.

eSports & Gaming: A community has offered to use the funds towards a Minecraft-based TLM rewards system for Alien Worlds players and landowners.

Storytelling: A proposal brought forth by an active contributing member of Alien Worlds offers to host a weekly networking zoom call over 17 weeks paired with a weekly report discussing community-driven accomplishments.

Technical Infrastructure: A team of developers propose to build an independent marketplace for Alien Worlds NFTs.

Real-world solutions: An organization specializing in asset-backed cryptocurrency would like to attach real-world value, through silver bullion, to Alien Worlds NFTs.

Honorary Technical & Infrastructure Contributor — 200k TLM Granted

The Galactic Hubs Hero Awards were made possible thanks to the contributions of Consortium DAC in developing a seamless Trilium (TLM) voting system powered by WAX. We would like to thank Vladislav Hramstov and Lennar Lehestik, our first gHubs grant recipients, for their professionalism in providing a tool we believe will serve future community-driven decisions.

“It is a great achievement to have been awarded a grant by the Galactic Hubs. We are equally pleased to have delivered technology designed to accelerate participation in Alien Worlds governance and neighboring communities alike. Funding received will support new product development as Consortium aims to evolve in line with the needs of our communities”, said Vlad Hramstov.

Grant applications are open! Here’s how to apply

Accelerated grant applications remain open until 16th of August 2022. For teams seeking funding of up to 5,000 Trilium (TLM) or less, the way to apply and get approval is by registering an account on the Galactic Hubs website. Applications submitted can be approved in as little as 72 hours. In general, the best way to get your application approved is to include a thorough development roadmap with clear deliverables.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the grants process, feel free to reach out: For more information about the grants program, visit


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