How To Manually Claim Your DTAL

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Landowners DTAL is claimable in the Alien Worlds game page at But if you own a land NFT and you want to claim your DTAL instead directly on the blockchain, for example because you use Anchor wallet, you can do so by following the below instructions:

  1. go to
  2. go to the wallet "awlndratings" (or follow this link: awlndratings)
  3. go to the tab "Contract Actions"
  4. select action "claimpay"
  5. enter your WAX wallet that holds your Alien Worlds land NFTs into the field "receiver"
  6. click "Submit Transaction"
  7. if you have not logged into your WAX wallet on you will have to do that first
  8. confirm the transaction in your WAX wallet by clicking approve in the wallet popup window
  9. if your claim was successful, you should see a confirmation message below the "Submit Transaction" button






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