Alien Worlds to Present Galactic Hubs Guardian Awards on May 27th — Season 1 of the TLMMYS Virtual Ceremony in the Metaverse

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Alien Worlds community members are the backbone of its growth and success. Groups of passionate gamers have come together to form welcoming environments to share detailed information about new updates, provide tips on Mining strategies and answer questions. This event is to reward our very engaged community members and set an example for others to follow.

Main goals of the Guardian Awards:

  • Identify the most active members, and nurture them to become leaders in the Alien Worlds ecosystem
  • Encourage community members to make positive contributions in our online communities
  • Increase engagement and drive positive discussions across social media channels

Tiered rewards are to support feelings of friendly rivalry among recipients. We hope to see increased levels of participation over time as members strive to be officially recognized as Guardians to their respective communities.

Since this is the first time members are recognized and rewarded, we believe community moderators were best qualified to select and rank nominees based on past contributions. This is because they have a thorough understanding of who is most involved in making meaningful contributions. Moderators were asked to select up to five candidates in their respective channels and rank them according to their perceived helpfulness since the launch of Alien Worlds.

Nomination criteria considered by Moderators:

  • Raising good questions and driving discussion
  • Provide feedback on new updates and tools
  • Provide assistance to community members in need
  • Actively share Alien Worlds news
  • Create community content ie. artwork, memes, and stickers
  • Inspire others to contribute and act as a role model

Members of the following Alien Worlds channels were eligible for this season’s Guardian Awards due to the group’s responsiveness in contacting the Galactic Hubs administrator and participation in the interview process.

Alien Worlds channels represented:

  • Official Discord Channel
  • Official Telegram Channel
  • Russian language Telegram Channel
  • Twitch Channel

Moderators were tasked with contacting nominees and notifying them of their Guardian Award nomination. Nominees were then asked to reach out to a Galactic Hubs administrator to conduct in-depth interviews, for us to learn more about their Alien Worlds journey. Candidates were invited to share their stories in two interviews, one video/audio recorded interview and one in written format. Interviews were reviewed by Galactic Hubs staff and were used in determining this season’s winners.

Award criteria considered by gHubs included, inter alia:

  • Clearly articulated answers
  • Used examples to discuss their journey
  • Answers were appropriate in length
  • Conveyed enthusiasm for the Alien Worlds community

Guardian Nominees — Season 1

Official Discord

  • @Razgriz Lord
  • @Pasha
  • @zautau
  • @UareDead

Official Telegram

  • @SmellyKoala
  • @ariefbayu

Russian Language Telegram

  • @SolCrazySword
  • @TechmanWAX
  • @VETronAg

Official Twitch

  • @Potterzinho

This will mark Galactic Hubs’ first season of Awards — and it’s about time! Winners will be announced on Alien Worlds Live on Twitch as we come together to recognize and appreciate the meaningful contributions made by our community leaders on Friday, May 27th! Tune in to celebrate your fellow community members and learn how YOU could be our next nominee!

Participation in the award program, as described herein, is subject to gHubs’ terms and conditions, as updated from time to time, available under

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