What are Redeemable NFT Points and Rank Points?

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NFT Points

The new NFT system uses redeemable points called “NFT Points”. To get these points, users will have to mine using Alien Worlds tool NFTs on Alien Worlds land NFTs. The points will be saved in a balance table in a smart contract on the blockchain, meaning they will be fully transparent.

Note: Since points are not tokens, they will not be transferable between user accounts. This makes it important to take good care of an account. Additionally, Abundant NFTs will be unable to earn NFT Points or Rank Points.

NFT Points are split into two categories: (Redeemable) NFT Points and Rank Points.


Redeemable NFT Points

Users will be able to redeem their NFT points on available NFTs offered in a “Redeem Window” Located under the User’s Profile, accessed by clicking on their User Portrait, navigating on the main menu to Profile → NFT Power or clicking on their Points balance on the button Exchange Points.

NFT Points Through Mining

To mine NFT points, any tool NFT game card with rarity "Common" or above can be used that has an "NFT Power" attribute greater than zero.
Note: “Abundant” rarity tools are excluded from NFT Points mining


The Formula

NFT_Points_Per_Mine = Land_NFT_Multiplier * (Tool1_NFT_Power + Tool2_NFT_Power + Tool3_NFT_Power)


using two "Gasrigged Extractor" (NFT Power = 2+2) on a Mountain (2.2x NFT Power Multiplier) we get
2.2 * (2+2) = 8.8 NFT Points per mine

The NFT power for each mine is calculated by taking the summed-up “NFT Power” attribute (formerly “NFT Luck”) from each tool and then multiplying that with the “Land NFT Multiplier” of the mined land.


The “NFT Power” is what is shown on the tool NFT in our game UI, or shown multiplied by 10 as “luck” in the asset explorer.

NFT Rank / User Level

As you acquire NFT Points, this will also add to a User’s Rank as a separate cumulative point pool. These points are separate from the ones a User can redeem for NFTs.


When you have enough Rank Points

To progress to the next Rank, a user will need to reach the points necessary, which will activate a “Level Claim” sequence which will also reward users with an NFTs.
Note: This claim action does not deduct from the NFT Points which are used to Redeem.



1 : Novice              (Starting Rank – No Reward)

2 : Initiate              66 Points          Abundant      Talisman Pendant

3 : Associate          284 Points        Common       Quartz of the Deep

4 : Peacekeeper     965 Points        Common       Nature’s Growth

5 : Expert               2,843 Points      Rare               Embers of Hardening

6 : SkyRider           7,853 points      Epic               Mineral of the Abyss

7 : Master              21,086 Points    Epic                Ancient Platinum

8 : Champion        55,843 Points     Legendary     Berserker’s Glow

9 : Grand Master  146,921 Points    Legendary    Quantum’s Edge

10 : Oshi Initiate   385,440 points   Mythical        The Void

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