Metaversal Lore Series Quest #5

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Metaversal Lore Series Quest #5


Explorer Dudes! This is — you guessed it — your Homie, McCullum. Still keepin it real here in my executive closet. Your Lore entries last week starting with the letter D were insane! And so were the Resumes! I was literally almost inundated with suggestions for new librarians.

But then, tragically, I lost the pictures of the applicants in a freak accident when Mrs. Church’s other kitten, Pussolini, spilt my cacao and asparagus milkshake all over the mail bag!

So this week I still need:

  • your Lore entries about anything in the Metaverse starting with the letter E, but
  • I’m also offering a bonus NFT if you can upload a picture of a wannabe librarian candidate.

Here’s one that survived…

Robo Dust Hunter — Image by Boymuletta

He looks awesome! …but what do YOU think the next librarian will look like?

Remember — there’s a sweet NFT for every entry. Send me your lore and get your rewards.


Here are a couple of examples for the letter ‘E’

Elite Dagger (pron: E-leet-Da-gaaar)

Formerly the weapon of choice of the Grey Special Forces, these blades have a laser-cut mono-filament edge capable of slicing through almost anything. The Greys stopped using them owing to a “loss of limb whilst inebriated” issue that left as much as a third of their Special Forces out of commission at one point.

Eglantine Smythe (pron: Egg-lan-tayyyn Sssmy-the)

An infamous barkeep in one of Veles’ murkier locales, Smythe hails from one of the Federation’s wealthiest families — but gave it all up because she loves getting down and dirty with the common folk. Always drunk on the job, she’s usually the one to start the barfights — and whatever you do don’t challenge her to an arm wrestle; she’s as strong as an Ox with breath twice as fetid.



Post your best lore entries that correspond with each week’s letter. Every thoughtful submission will receive an Alien Worlds NFT! In addition, the top 3 entries as voted on by the community will receive an additional Alien Worlds NFT. Don’t forget to include your WAX wallet address with your entry so we know where to send your reward!

*Entries that are not related to the letter of the week will be disqualified. Alien Worlds reserves the right to revoke entries for plagiarism and other fraudulent activity.

Time: Saturday at 00:00 UTC — Monday at 23:59 UTC.

Location: Alien Worlds Official Discord (Contest Submission Channel) Please ask Community Support team members on any platform for assistance if needed.

Voting: After the submission period, voting will be unlocked for a period of 48 hours, when the community will decide the best entries for the week.


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