How Do I Manually Set My Land Directly On The Blockchain?

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To manually set a Land you want to mine on, directly on the WAX blockchain, you have to first find the asset ID of the Land NFT game card:


  1. See the list of all the Lands here
  2. For example, if you want to mine on Magor 12:34, you can easily filter it by using the search function (CTRL+F) and typing "Magor" in the search field, and then searching the highlighted lands:

  3. Scroll until you see the preferred Land and copy the Land ID: 1099512959023

  4. Then follow this link to the "setland" contract action on

  5. Input your wallet into the field named "account" and the Land ID into the field named "land_id", click "submit", confirm in your wallet, and you are all set.

  6. Go back to the Alien Worlds game and refresh the website to see the changes.

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