How to shine Alien Worlds NFTs?

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The shining of Alien Worlds NFTs is done in the "Shining" section, which is accessible via the Shining tab in the left-hand menu (1). It is also accessible directly using the following link:



When on the shining page, Explorers will be shown their NFT card inventory which can be filtered by card type (2), and sorted in a variety of ways using the dropdown menu (3).



To begin the shining process, the Explorer must choose the card they want to shine (1).



This will then bring up the shining interface. In order to shine a card, four individual copies of that card must be owned, and these will consequently be burned during the shining process. There is also a TLM cost associated with shining a card, this cost being shown in the shining interface (1). A preview of the shined version of the card is also shown (2). The TLM used for shining will be burned.



To be able to perform the shining process the four cards must be selected from the inventory below (1), after which point the "Shine" button will be illuminated and become clickable (2).



Upon clicking the "Shine" button, a transaction request pop-up will appear. If you wish to go through with the shining process, click the "Agree" button (1), otherwise click "Deny".



Once you've approved the transaction, the popup will close, and a video showcasing the shining process will appear. You can click the close button (1) at any time; it will not impact the shining process.



Once you've closed the video, click the "Inventory" button on the sidebar (1), and you should see your newly shined card right at the beginning of your inventory page (2).


You've now shined an Alien Worlds NFT card, congratulations!

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