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MetaForce Comics (MFC) is a digital comic book and collectibles company built on the blockchain.  MFC works with projects across multiple chains to provide the collectibles and comic book experience we have all enjoyed in the past, with the security of blockchain technology and decentralization.


The Broadcast that launched a revolution.

The Intergalactic Broadcasting Network (IBN) picked up a transmission that appears to be originating from Earth. The transmission was badly scrambled after travelling through the wormhole to the exoplanets. Working with the Federation we were able to recover a portion of the transmission.


The transmission appears to relate to mining a special resource on a number of planetary lands. The resource is understood to be 1 of 3 NFTs needed to gain access to the upcoming Alien Worlds comic book. The resource is limited in numbers, and must be combined with two future NFTs to gain what IBN has come to understand as a "whitelisting" NFT needed for the comic.


During our investigation we found that the first needed NFT was widely available on all exoplanet lands and would be available to obtain fairly easily. The broadcaster in the video indicates there is additional deposits in specific land plots, but those locations have not yet been discovered. It is now being theorized that the additional two NFTs will be available on a specific land and miners will need to travel to that location to find them.


Further information will be posted as it becomes available. We have provided the public a copy of the recovered broadcast below.


Imbed Youtube Video with this link here…..

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