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About Sherri-Dawn:  I originally came into this crypto space like many of us... the world had changed a lot due to this huge C-issue which had a serious affect on all our lives and also my clothing business. 

After joining the wax community, I realized that I should take a leap of faith and showcase my own artwork. Going forward I would love to incorporate the NFT aspect with (or is it into?) my clothing business. My partner Steve helps with the final little touches and the special effects on the NFTs. 

All the people that have helped me in the wax space, will be somehow featured in my NFTs. So that I can give something back to my community, that helped me a lot.

"My plan is just to bring the love of art to the wax space to share it with people all over the world and metaverse!" she says.“I would say if they love art and abstract art to come on over and say hello 👋 I'm also always happy to do collabs with other people art. We all need communities to come together and support each other.”

Collection: Abomination5

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I've got five drawings left to draw and then my collection is dropping

On my collection the lore is typed out :smiley: if that helps

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