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Robert was one of the first ‘Ole Miners in the Alien Worlds Telegram to create an identity across social media that thousands of players would recognize.

It is debatable for what Robert is best known. It could be granting Miners on his land infamous empty beer can NFTs or his tireless generosity to new Explorers. He may lead the record for Telegram responses from a mobile phone, noting he wouldn’t have time for his family, if sitting on a computer day and night.
Since before Explorers began fleeing Earth in 2055, Robert was leading the way and helping other refugees get started with tools and basic information. Whatever was shared, he saved to share with others.

He said: “In the beginning, this was just something to help my son. He has swelling behind his eye.  And would eventually see a specialist....  and be prescribed an hour / day playing video games...  so I tried to get in front of that and got some Alien Worlds packs. (Dec 2020.)

But as it turns out Santa got him a Nintendo switch...So I had to make the best of the situation....

I jumped In to the metaverse myself.

It didn't take long to find people that needed help. And help I did. This evolved into  promoting lands  for simple tools or NFTs of any kind.

Days turned in to weeks. And weeks in to months. But the goal has remained.. help anyone I can. Any way I can.

The simple tools have changed to staking wax. Or cricket NFTs.   

I love what I do.  And I want to do it for as long as I can.” 

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