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Michael from EOS USA (can we write Butlerservice or drop service?) talks about how the metaverse is the next evolution and that his recommendation about what to do to get started in the metaverse is this: Just try it! It might not be perfect, right from the start, and it might be a bit clunky like the internet was in the early 1990ies…but it will get better and better.
Success in blockchain does not have to do much with huge investments in money, it is more about trying something new, giving your time with passion and creating communities, where people like to help each other.

Michael said:

“And when you build that community, you know, people do things to help you build your community. So I would probably say the, the biggest failure and, and backlash is there is money to be made, but you need to be doing it for a passion. You know, you need to love the game that you're developing and hope that you make money.”

“We, we participate in a lot of the blockchain because we believe in it. You know what I mean? This is my full-time job; has been for 2018. I left the other other side many years ago. So this is all we do. And this is what we love and, and focus on.” (I think we could create real sentences from that, in sense of grammar, I mean.)

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