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Are you thinking of creating NFTs and a community in Alien Worlds? Here is a guide to help to walk you through the process.



Community and NFT creators start with art that they are passionate about. What are you passionate about?



If you are creating a collection, what is the unifying theme of your collection?



If you are releasing your NFT (Collection) into other communities, which communities will you be connecting with, and how does the story of your NFT (collection) extend the story (lore) of the communities that you are connecting with?



What Formats are you going to create your NFTs in such as digital art, 3D art, and music?


Blockchain Tools

What resources, including websites, blockchains, and crypto wallets, will you be using?



What individuals, teams, or companies will you use for help, information, or partnership to help plan, make, and distribute NFTs?


Planning (Structure and Collections)

What are you going to make?



Where will your artistic ideas come from and how will you get them?



Who will turn your ideas into art, and what will it cost?

What tools will you use to create your NFTs?



What information, such as text, numbers, description, and metadata, will go onto your NFTs, and how will it be laid out on the NFT?



Minting: How many NFTs will you make?

How many NFTs will you make and where will you mint them?


How will you make them?

Do you want to do Burning & blending of NFTs?

How do I get Whitelisted or verified on secondary markets?



Communities & Trust Building

What communities do you want to share your NFTs with, and what interests and values do you share?



What channels do you want to share your NFTs on such as social media, VR, websites, and businesses?


Next Steps

What projects are you going to do next?


Join the Alien Worlds social networks to hear about upcoming events and communities and also exchange information and tips.


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