How To Play The Missions Game?

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Many probes have been sent out over time to explore the farther reaches of the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Several have come back with tantalising data on a large celestial body with great potential to yield new scientific breakthroughs and rewards to Explorers intrepid enough to assist the Federation on a variety of associated Missions. That celestial body has been named Planet Binance, and initial readings suggest it is a gas giant with numerous interesting properties that bear further investigation, not to mention hints of strange technologies that the Federation is calling Artifacts in the planet's vicinity.


What is needed to go on an Alien Worlds Mission?

Where do I find Alien Worlds Missions?

How do I know which Mission to embark Upon?

How do I lease a Spacecraft to board a Mission?

What are the Mission rewards?

How do I claim my Mission rewards?

Phases for Missions & Associated NFTs

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