How To Check If My Ships Have Joined A Mission?

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Sometimes it can happen that a ship sent on a Mission will not show right away in the game interface. To see that it was recorded on the blockchain, follow the below instructions:

1) Open your MetaMask wallet, navigate to "Activity" and find your "Join To Mission" action of the mission you are looking for. Usually the last one you just sent.



2) Click on the arrow in the top right to see the transaction on



3) On, click on the tab "Logs" and there you can find the mission ID (77 in this example) and the number of ships (in this example 4) and 800 TLM sent (TLM has 4 decimal places)



4) To actually check if the ships were recorded on the contract, you not down your mission ID from step 3) and the number of ships from step 3) and go to this link to ask the smart contract:


5) Enter your mission ID noted in step 3) and your BSC wallet address into item 3 in the contract



6) Click "Query" and check if the number of ships sent matches what you saw in step 1



7) Note that the "BNBAmount" will always be zero, but the number of ships determines the amount TLM staked. So this confirms that your ships indeed have joined the mission. When the mission returns, you will then be able to claim your TLM and NFT rewards.


8) Also note, that if you have already claimed your mission rewards, the contract will also return zero as the mission is no longer underway.




The only official smart contract addresses are:

TLM on ETH (ERC20):

TLM on BSC (BEP20):


Mission Contract on BSC(BEP20):

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