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The focus is contests and contest tool rigs that are near or at the top of Alien Worlds contests typically on GoodVibesMining.com website. I’m usually in the top 10 of these contests and have placed as high as 2nd place in the most grueling 5 day 24 hour event EVER. Haven’t played yet? Click here.

Tool of the Day — Nanominer!

In this issue we’ll be looking at potentially “the new” rig setup among the top miners in all of the TLM speed contests — “The Tool Of The Day” — Nanominer!

Nanominer has the 4th highest TLM efficiency in stone form among all the top tools in the game. In stone form it’s an EPIC with 150 charge, 4 TLM luck, 3 POW and 1 NFT luck. Due to the higher POW and low charge time compared to RD9000, (which is still a top rig), Nanominer could replace it as the top contest setup.

RD9000 has 2 POW, but Nanominer has THREE POW and 1 NFT Luck..this means faster spinning mine circle, with 90 seconds less charge time than RD9000 and chance of an NFT. With 3 X Nanominers you get 9 combined POW and 3 NFT luck. The fact that it has this high POW time reduces the time between mines and claims.

3 X Nanominer won very early contests on Good Vibes Mining, and is making a comeback as a go to for TLM speed contests.

Is it worth shining Nanominer to GOLD? By shining (taking 4 X cards of the same name and combining them on unbox.alienworlds.io ) you get a reduced charge time of 10 seconds from 150 to 140. With 3 X Nanominers this means almost an extra mine every hour, so it’s worth it…

Is it worth going all the way to Stardust (16 X cards of the same name and combining). Yes. Charge time is reduced to only 120 seconds, which as an additional mine per hour with 1 extra POW to 4, further reducing any “stalls” that may happen in the mine/claim process.

NOW… is it worth going to Antimatter?(SIXTY FOUR X of the same name and combining)… another 21 seconds shaved of reduces charge time to 99 seconds(!) which adds yet another additional mine per hour. This would be extremely powerful with 4 POW in only 99 seconds so you’d be blazing fast in a speed TLM contest.

Nanominer in any shined form, even the lowest stone shine, is emerging as the go to rig in 3’s in speed TLM contests, and could replace as RD9000 X 3 as the go to in the future.

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