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Alien Worlds is the NFT defi metaverse with an ERC-20 token and NFTs which have gameplay utility. The metaverse has two cryptocurrency pillars — the fungible token, which tracks metaversal power (Trilium, an ERC-20 token) and the NFTs (like Land, Weapons, Avatars) which give you the ability to execute your strategies — like your mining or fighting strategy.

Within the NFTs, by far the most lucrative on its own is Land, because you can earn from Land passively via your Land Rating and from the mining commission.

Announcing the Daily Trilium Allocation to Landowners (“DTAL”)

As previously described, the “locked box” of 5bn Trilium will be released at 0.025% of the remaining box per day (see Tech Blueprint for all the details).

This is to incentivise productive activity within the metaverse.

Today, we’re announcing a refinement to this mechanism — 20% of it will be allocated directly to Landowners (“Daily Trilium Allocation to Landowners”) and 80% to Planets (“Daily Trilium Allocation to Planets”). Of the 80% that goes to Planets, recall that, initially, 80% will go to the mining game which eventually benefits Landowners via their commission.

Additionally, we’re setting out the concept of the Land Rating and Terraforming, along with a roadmap for Windows and Services on Land.


The Land Rating

The Land Rating impacts how much of the Daily Trilium Allocation to Landowners (DTAL) a Land NFT receives. The Land Rating degrades over time and can be topped up for additional Trilium. See the Technical Blueprint for full details.


Terraforming is when a Landowner purchases an upgrade which increases the Trilium yield of the Land, either by increasing the payout from the DTAL or by improving mining variables.


Examples of variables which can affected by land terraforming:

  • Land Rating — a variable in the DTAL formula; impacts how much of the DTAL a Landowner gets
  • Trilium mining power — a Land NFT attribute that impacts the mining yield of a piece of Land
  • Charge time — a Land NFT attribute that impacts how often miners can mine

Windows and Services

Landowners have a Window and can offer Services to the metaverse from Phases 3 and 4. Windows are your place within the Alien Worlds user interface, from which you can offer your own wares into the metaverse. Services return NFTs to their maximum attributes if the NFT has been diminished through game play.

The Federation will charge a TLM fee to Landowners for certain displays within Windows and to provide Services. The TLM fee may be burned as part of the Federation’s deflationary target to burn 50–60% of all TLM disseminated from the locked box per year.

Phases of the Land Roadmap


Phase 1

In Phase 1, all Land has the same rating. Landowners will be paid Trilium from the DTAL equally per Land NFT. The payment will be made roughly once per week.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, Landowners can increase the Land Rating of their Land NFT by Terraforming (purchasing land upgrades). Other terraforming upgrades (ie changes to mining attributes) will not be available until Phase 4.

In Phase 2, Planetary DAOs will not yet have the power to change the minimum 80% of Daily Trilium Allocation to Planets that are devoted to mining rewards.

In Phase 2, landowner bloc veto functionality will be introduced allowing a majority Landowners to veto Planetary DAO resolutions that impact mining yields. Voting towards applying a veto will be “Land Rating weighted” in the sense that Land with higher Land Ratings will carry more weight toward the veto. This veto functionality will only be meaningful in Phase 3 when Planetary DAOs have the power to lower mining rewards.

Phase 3

By Phase 3, Planetary DAOs will have full powers unlocked, including the power to raise or lower the default % of DTAP going to mining (default: 80%) by a maximum amount per week. However, the Landowner bloc veto set up in Phase 2 will provide Landowners the ability to organise a veto to resolutions that impact their mining yields if they wish.

In Phase 3, Landowners can display items in their Window which gives them a space in the Alien Worlds UI to showcase what they have to offer to the rest of the metaverse.

Phase 4

In Phase 4, Services will come onstream: the opportunity for Landowners to offer a paid recharge service for explorers’ NFTs which had been degraded in battle, through mining or through other games. An example is a Hospital for healing injured Minions or a Forgery for repairing Weapons. The Federation will charge Landowners a TLM fee for the license to offer the Service; the TLM fee may be burned as part of the Federation’s deflationary target.

In Phase 4, Terraforming upgrades, which impact the mining attributes of NFTs (ie, Trilium mining power, charge time, NFT luck, proof of work), will begin to be available.

The Alien Worlds team believes that this roadmap provides a compelling reason for explorers to own Land on Alien Worlds.

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