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These newsletters will be sent once a week. The focus is contests and contest tool rigs that are near or at the top of Alien Worlds contests typically on  website. I’m usually in the top 10 of these contests and have placed as high as 2nd place. Haven’t played yet? .

In this issue we’ll be looking at one of the most powerful tools for TLM based contests speed contests. This is the “tool of the day” RD9000.


RD9000 has the 3rd highest TLM efficiency in stone form among all the tools available currently. It’s an EPIC with 240 second charge time, 7 TLM luck, 2 POW, and 0 NFT luck. And in just stone form it’s the most popular TLM tool because in 3’s it’s placed 1st and 2nd in most speed contests. #1 contest player Sharkyto plays 3 of them, and so does #2 NYO_cant.

There are tools with higher TLM efficiency (Advanced TD and Lucky Drill) but Advanced TD’s charge time is too low and any stalling in the claim process negates the low charge advantage, and Lucky Drill has 0 POW.

One of they keys to playing 3 X RD9000 is the 2 POW. With 6 combined POW there is less stalling, and with medium sized charged time of 240 any stall is less frequent.

It’s great as stone in contests, but is it worth shining to Gold or Stardust+? (Taking 4 X cards of RD9000 and combining them to make a Gold… 16 X of them would get you Stardust and 64X would get you an Antimatter).

To be honest, it’s not a bad idea to go to Gold with RD9000… but all you’d get is1 NFT luck from shining to Gold and it’s not an extra advantage in a TLM contest. You’ll have a better chance of mining NFTs but that’s not the focus in TLM contests.

Going from Stone to Stardust is an OK idea because you’d get a boost in TLM efficiency to 101.82%, but this comes off of a decrease in charge time from 240 to 220. It’s also very expensive and Stardusts are not easy to find.

RD9000 in stone form is still the top choice for TLM based speed contests, and is a proven 3x setup that can get you to the top.



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