Trilium — The Groundbreaking Cross-Platform Token Underpinning the Alien Worlds Metaverse

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In Alien Worlds, Trilium is the Metaversal currency.

A limited and unreplicable supply was created by an Ancient Sentient Alien Artificial Intelligence (known to us now as Aioshi). This Trilium was given to the Federation with instructions on how to distribute it to everyone to make a functional Metaversal economy.

As per any future Metaverse currency, Trilium links up with blockchain technologies for its ledger and transfers. However, Trilium is not restricted to just one blockchain — its initial design spans two blockchains, Ethereum (as an ERC20 token) and WAX , with the option of adding more in due course. This cross-chain mechanism aims to allow the Alien Worlds Metaverse to interact with projects on multiple chains and allow explorers the choice of where to store their Trilium.

On each chain, explorers will have the ability to transfer their Trilium to the other chain. Special smart contracts and decentralised Oracles have been set up to watch for transactions and enable the transfers. Of course, with the current gas price issue on Ethereum, there is minimum transfer amount to ensure that users do not use more that an acceptable amount of their Trilium on transfer costs.


The code behind the cross-chain transfers is fully open source and available at . This has been published in order to enhance the ecosystem and ensure other projects can join us in our quest for cross-chain interoperability.

All the specific details about the Trilium supply and distribution are in the technical blueprint found on the Alien Worlds website .

Another exciting development is that the WAX blockchain will be launching details of it’s Tokenomic and Defi Model this week. We are sure this will complement the extensive Defi elements already built into Alien Worlds and will ensure we link up for the benefit of Alien Worlds Explorers.

We look forward to you exploring our new worlds where you can make your own destiny….

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