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Mysterious Hacker #143
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It’s 2055 — Some of Earth’s inhabitants have discovered a way to escape the raging pandemics and systemic collapse on Earth.

The most advanced bitcoin mining community — the Federation — noticed a pattern in its algorithmic solutions. An advanced Alien race was sending messages through bitcoin mining algorithms, and the messages led to a big discovery.

A wormhole was discovered that allowed humans to travel to far flung exoPlanets, escaping the disasters on their home planet.

The Federation community travelled through the wormhole, gathering a unique supply of hyper rare Trilium as it went. The Federation’s Trilium is the only supply in existence, and has a provable limited quantity. On the other side they found a new interstellar network with many inhabitable planets.

Today there are six planets within the Federation of Alien Worlds and a Metaverse is emerging where virtual and real worlds collide; To build a fair economy, everything in the Alien Worlds Metaverse was tokenised - from the Avatars explorers walk around in to the Tools, and Weapons, explorers use in their daily adventures. Even Land, Minions and Artifacts have been tokenised and associated with an ancient AI infrastructure.

Some enterprising explorers mine to earn their share of Trilium and unique items, some like to fight in the Thunder Dome, while landowners rent their land to build new products and services to offer to the galaxy. The Federation also sends items to hard working explorers, to assist in their endeavours.

However, there are mysterious alien forces around …

And so your story begins …

Make your own destiny …


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