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Join with Explorers from throughout the Alien Worlds Metaverse to go on Missions and seek rewards of Trilium and BSC NFTs.


To prepare your MetaMask wallet for Missions on the BNB Chain (BSC) please follow this guide: Add BSC to MetaMask




Spacecrafts of all types are now launching from Planet Binance and traveling throughout the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Travelers deposit Trilium prior to launch and share in the Trilium rewards pots, as well as earn  NFTs for traveling. 




Important upcoming Missions include:


Supply Missions Boost Colony

The fledgling extraction colony floating high above Magor will soon receive a much-needed boost with their first delivery of Manatite. This ultra-radioactive compound has been too dangerous for the Federation to transport using conventional ships. But now with the Missioneer’s bespoke ‘G-Core’ transporter crafts, (boasting Tokamak-grade, triple-leaded encasement technology), the pioneers can begin Trilium extractions at full capacity.


Maiden Exploration Missions Launch

Mankind has sought answers to the universe’s riddles since time began. But now the discovery of the metaverse has ushered in a new age of wonder and speculation never before dreamed of. 

Every day reports of strange, unexplained events, sightings and discoveries flood into the Federation’s Knowledge Base. Now intrepid Research and Discovery missions are boldly going where no mission has gone before in the hope of finding answers to your questions. 


Recovery Mission En Route to Missing Ship

“Afraid, Desperate and Helpless,” were just some of the emotions expressed in a distress call traced to the Nanteague Sector last week.  A passing sennen-trawler established contact with the crew of the missing research ship Zelah after it was lost during Wednesday’s meteor storms. A Recovery Mission is on its way to scan the sector and bring them home. 


Battle Mission to Break Siege

The Van Asten and Marazion star ports have suffered a 4th day of attacks from Roskrow Pirates. Holo-ship Missions have dispatched to the 4th quadrant where they will map the coordinates needed to throw one of the largest holonet arrays ever seen over the two besieged outposts.  


Hope of Liberation for Diplomats

Negotiations to secure the release of the Artunian Diplomats snatched from the Ambassador's reception on Tuesday have proved fruitless. The kidnappers, thought to be Robotron Maximalists, are demanding the release of 200 illegal bot-farmers currently held on Disintegration Row for crimes against the Federation.

Ambassador Ferrero released a statement warning the kidnappers that they must surrender by midnight or “face the consequences”. He would not give details on what those measures would involve, but would not rule out the use of Extracto-Violence Protocols. 


Mission Scouts Map New Wormhole

Wormholes continue to appear causing disruption to essential trade routes. 

Scouting Missions are mapping the most recent manifestation, a type 3 echo-channel, that may contain Fluxes: the elusive element that scientists hope will melt reality and open gateways to parallel metaverses. 


Artifact Mission Finds Clue to Missing Orb

And time is of the essence -  the Galactic Orb of Time, that is. The search for the stolen Regalia Galactica collection has led Mission investigators to an asteroid in the Mevagissey Sector. Preliminary scans show the outline of what analysts are confident is the Galactic Orb of Time buried deep below the surface. 

Originally a gift to Eyeke’s Benedict family from the Veneration of Peacemakers, the artifacts were on loan to the Museum of Modern FanArt when they were taken. No traces or clues to the whereabouts of the collection were ever found - until now. The painstaking excavation process begins tomorrow and could promise the retrieval of the first of the seven missing ceremonial objects.    


New Workshops Make Kinder Miners

The Ethical Outreach division of Alien Worlds Missions is combating the exploitation of poorer miners by unscrupulous profiteers. Miners charging exorbitant gas fees and land commissions will now learn how to be ‘kinder miners’ by attending workshops at the Happy Sunshine Centres on board the Missions’ fleet. 

Courses last from 1 week to 3 months depending on the infraction. Repeat offenders and bot-farmers will be accommodated in a new state-of-the-art re-education facility. 




Missions NFT Game Card Statistics

Alien Worlds Missions has unique NFT game cards on the BSC blockchain. The symbols on the card show the powers of the NFT game card that you receive after returning from a Mission.   The Missions NFT game cards  have attributes that affect future Missions and provide statistics for community-created games based on Missions statistics.  In order to understand the statistics in the corners of the card, read below.


Card statistics include:


Crafting Keys 

An Alien Worlds Crafting Key NFT opens a world of opportunity for game players who want to create and engage communities through game actions on top of the Alien Worlds blockchain functionality. Crafting Keys unlock the ability to combine NFTs, travel through quests and provide access to community-created games, inspired by the Base and Boost Power found on Missions NFTs.

Location:  Top Left of Game Card

Options: Can be A, B, C, D, E, F, G. 

Usage: Represents a ‘key’ to activities that communities and the Federation in Alien Worlds create. Quests, activities, rallies or anything else may require any key - or all of them.


Missions Game Indication (Top Right) 

Location:  Top Right of Game Card


Base Power 

The Base Power supercharges the Mission spacecrafts, making room for NFTs to travel on future Missions. The Base Power is seen on the bottom left of the NFT game card.

Location:  Bottom Left of Game Card

Options: Higher numbers mean more base power.  

Usage: Represents enhanced spacecrat power. An example application within the Missions game: When NFTs become required to go on Missions, Explorers may strategically select NFTs with given base powers along with spacecraft to optimize rewards - base power enhances spacecraft power. 


Boost Power  

The Boost Power gives Mission spacecrafts a boost, making room for not only NFTs, but BNB to travel on future Missions.The Boost Power is seen on the bottom right of the NFT game card.

Location:  Bottom Right of Game Card

Options: Higher boost power values mean give you an enhancement on boost power in phase 2

Usage: When NFTs become required to go on Missions, boost power will allow an Explorer to augment the BNB boost power of their missions. 


Base Power and Boost Power in-game rewards are unlocked over time, communities who create events and experiences using NFT card powers can begin creating right away. Powers can influence who gets community NFT drops, who gets access to special events and tournaments and provide relative weights for calculating game winners over a period of time. 

Find a list of Missions NFT game cards here, linked from the Alien Worlds Technical Blueprint.


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