How To Manually Equip An Avatar NFT Game Card

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To set your avatar manually on the WAX blockchain, you have to first find the asset IDs of your new NFT game card you want to equip. To find this, go to your WAX wallet at and find your Alien Worlds NFT game cards by clicking "NFTs" in the left menu.



In your NFT inventory (1), please select the Alien Worlds collection (2) and then find the avatar you want to equip (3) and click on it.


Next copy the asset ID


Now go to this link: "federation" blockchain contract

First login at the top right with your WAX wallet by clicking "login".


And then enter your WAX wallet account in the top field named "account" and the asset ID of the NFT you found in the previous step into the bottom field named "avatar_id" like this:


and click "Submit Transaction".


You have now equipped the new avatar. To see it in Alien Worlds, please reload the website.

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