What is the Technical Architecture of Alien Worlds?

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The Technical Architecture of the Alien Worlds Metaverse includes multiple blockchains: WAX, ETH and BSC. The framework is facilitated through a combination of smart contracts, NFTs and both official Federation & Alien Worlds Explorer accounts. Various game-related interactions are facilitated by use of APIs, which are intermediary interfaces between end users or external applications, and the Alien Worlds Smart Contracts.


On-chain Elements:

These are facets of the game architecture hosted directly on the blockchain, and include the following:

  • The Trilium token
  • Alien Worlds NFTs
  • Core gameplay 
  • DAO governance and voting, including TLM staking activity
  • Planets

Off-chain Elements:

These are gameplay elements that are hosted or occur off-chain, and include:

  • Graphical elements 
  • User interfaces

Transfer of Trilium (TLM) back and forth between WAX & ETH or BSC is facilitated via Teleport functionality. Please see the Teleport article in the Explorer’s Station for more information. 

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