How do I lease a Spacecraft to board a Mission?

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  • Explorers will need at least TLM on BSC in their MetaMask Wallet as well as BNB to pay for gas fees on the BSC network, in order to lease a Spacecraft for a Mission. Once this requirement is met, then you'll be able to go to the Mission Centre and participate by clicking on the specific Mission for which you want to lease one or more Spacecraft. Clicking on a specific Mission brings up that Mission's full information including the option to "Join Mission", as displayed in the image below:




  • Besides the Mission duration and the details of the NFT reward, there are two pertinent pieces of information to help you decide whether to lease a Spacecraft for that particular Mission: the number of craft already leased on the Mission, and the amount of TLM each leased craft will receive from the pot once the Mission is completed. These numbers auto-refresh periodically.




  • To lease Spacecraft for a particular Mission, simply click the "Join Mission" button and you'll receive a pop-up (see above) displaying the amount of TLM required to lease a Spacecraft, along with an input bar allowing you to determine how many craft you wish to lease for that Mission. You can currently lease an unlimited number of spacecraft for any Mission - limited only by the size of your TLM balance on BSC - but you will only earn a maximum of 5 NFTs per account per Mission for the first 5 spacecraft you send.


  • Once you’ve decided how many Spacecraft you wish to lease for the Mission, click the “Start Mission” button and – assuming you have the required TLM – there will be a page overlay stating “Approving TLM spending for ships”, at which point a MetaMask wallet pop-up will be triggered requesting confirmation of the TLM spend transaction, and the associated gas fee in BNB (see below).




  • After clicking the “Confirm” button, a new overlay will be shown stating “Allocating ships to Mission”, and there will be a secondary MetaMask popup requesting final confirmation of the transaction.




  • After clicking the “Confirm” button again, you should then shortly receive a notification that your spacecraft leasing has been successful; this notification will include the name and duration of the Mission along with the number of spacecraft you’ve leased.




  • By clicking the “Go to dashboard” button, you can then get an overview of Missions both past and present that you have leased spacecraft for. This overview includes pertinent information such as Mission durations, the number of craft leased (yours / total), the total TLM pot for each Mission, a “Starting in” timer for Missions that have yet to depart, and a “Finishing in” timer for those that have already departed.




  • The full details of each Mission (including the actual TLM reward per leased craft) can be viewed at any time by clicking on an individual Mission.



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