Phases for Missions & Associated NFTs.

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  • Phase 1 (implemented):
    • Leasing of Spacecraft by staking TLM - all have the same Base Power. 
  • Phase 2 (future implementation):
    • Boosting the power of leased Spacecraft using BNB, which increases the end reward.
  • Phase 3 (future implementation):
    • Modifying the Base Power & Boost Power of TLM-leased and BNB-boosted Spacecraft utilising Mission NFTs.
  • Phase 4 (future implementation):
    •  NFTs can potentially be combined using crafting keys to create new special NFTs with higher stats. 
  • BSC extended functionality: 
    • Space stations - to acquire one may require burning a full set of crafting keys. 
    • BSC based avatars - may be introduced by taking a WAX avatar and combining it with a BSC key. These may have earning potential, such as positively impacting Mission rewards or some other gameplay.
    • Crafting keys can potentially unlock other quests and/or functionality. They are hooks on which to connect with other functionality which has yet to be defined. 
    • Potential Examples of this are:

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