How do I know which Mission to embark upon?

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  • There are a variety of Missions with different durations, amounts of Trilium (TLM) required to lease a ship, and consequently obtainable rewards. Missions with higher leasing costs have a higher TLM reward pot and also yield rarer NFTs. 

  • The Missions overview page gives Explorers an at-a-glance view of this information including the size of the TLM pot and an icon coloured to indicate the rarity of the NFT reward, whilst clicking on a specific Mission provides more detailed information, including the amount of TLM that will be awarded per leased Spacecraft based on the current number leased for that Mission, the time to launch, the duration of the Mission (in weeks), and the specific details of the obtainable NFT card.




  • Explorers can lease more than one ship per Mission so long as they have the required amount of TLM to cover multiple leases, and upon Mission completion they will be awarded the relevant amount of TLM and number of NFTs based on how many ships they have leased.


NOTE: The maximum number of NFTs that can be awarded to any one Explorer per Mission is FIVE, regardless of whether they lease more than five spacecraft.


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