Workarounds For Error: "Failed To Fetch"

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You can try one of the below workarounds or all of them to temporarily fix this error:

  • Getting a new IP
    on PC or Apple: restart your router
    on mobile: enable "Flight Mode" or restart your phone

  • Connection Throttling in the browser
    Another thing to try that helps some users is connection throttling in your browser. You can enable connection throttling for Alien Worlds in your browser (Chrome, Brave or browsers based on these two will work). Please follow below steps: 
  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+J

  2. Click the "double arrow" and select "Network"

  3. Click "Throttling" and select "Slow 3G" or "Fast 3G"

  4. It should look like this now
  5. Please refresh the page after you have done these steps

  6. (Please be aware that you will have to follow these steps every time you open a new tab with the Alienworlds game. A refresh does not need the steps to be repeated)



  • Disable Brave browser "shields"
    Please also make sure the Brave shields (if you are using Brave browser) are disabled for the site and the wax cloud wallet pop-up window, as well make sure to diasable all popup blockers:

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