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My community is focused on helping others by incentivizing their activity within the discord channel and mining the lands owned within Magor. The history behind it is rather simple since all I want to do is help others and have been doing so ever since I joined Alien Worlds. At first I used to send out common tools to strangers within Alien Worlds discord channel and then it evolved to staking WAX to peoples’ CPU and Ram to allow them the ability to mine more regularly. With the evolution of Alien Worlds and the massive success it brought about prices soared and it made it a bit more challenging to give to many and thus Magor Land Mining came to be. I can focus on those who’re actively providing a use to the discord channel and showing their Loyalty to Magor Land Mining. As a candidate for Magor, my sole and only focus will be Magor and it’s prosperity which will further benefit all those who seek to enrich themselves with Trilium.


Find the Magor Land Mining in Discord at 

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