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Nathan for Naron is an Alien Worlds Planetary Council Candidate on Naron. He believes that both Miners and Stakers Should be Rewarded and wants to see Naron thrive as the best planet in the metaverse. He is a man of the people, for the people! You can talk with Nathan either in his campaign telegram group ( or on his twitch stream where he does giveaways and talks about whats going on in the WAX metaverse ( Nathan also always has an ongoing NFT drop for explorers that mine on his lands (Naron 20:3, 31:13 and 26:20)

“I loved Alien Worlds as an explorer and felt so connected to the greater metaverse when I joined and I wanted to create a space where you can still find the community and support I had when I first joined. I want the metaverse to be a friendly space that welcomes explorers from all walks of life.” Nathan said.


Collection name: nathan4naron

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