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Name of the project: Rusty Mōntains

Name of the NFT collection: rustymontain

Name of the creator: David Elvion and his team

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“Rusty Mōntains” - Vision

Quote from David Elvion: 

“We want to tell stories together with others, to experience the joy of co-creation and provide a sense of connection in a fantasy world, where otherwise everyone would just mine on their own.”

By designing a campfire atmosphere and inviting other players to come by and share their stories and imaginations of what Alien World is to them and what would happen next in the story we are creating together.

Making the Alien Worlds experience more fun for players by giving it stories, color and texture, emerging organically from interactions and events with the community.

What exactly?

We make weekly storytelling contests to engage users to continue the fictional story about this place in Alien Worlds on Planet Magor: Rusty Mōntains.

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