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KROWN DAC and KROWN Communities are a set of experiments using tokens and NFTs to offer engagement in community experiences.

KROWN was initiated from a dozen like-minded individuals that had an interest in cooperatives especially in DAOs/DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations / Decentralized Autonomous Communities.) The initially Custodians (leadership) of KROWN believed in creating equitable tools for communities and individuals to earn more for their engagement and participation. To launch the KROWN DAC the members decided to use software provided by the now known Federation in AW. This was a big deal because it was the first DAC using this unique value adding software on EOS. Some say it was very ahead of its time.

Today, many of the KROWN Community members participate in different capacities in Alien Worlds. Many of them have used the tools and skills learned from KROWN and the experiments in decentralized community governance to now support the metaverse around Alien Worlds.

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