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Crypto Chibi is a collectible project with the mantra of "create value; not content". Everything we do will be geared toward fostering a respectful community & finding ways to reward all of those supporting the project. Inspired by Pokemon Cards from way back in the day, Crypto Chibi is geared towards high quality cute chibi/kawaii artwork with an emphasis on endangered & extinct species to bring some additional awareness to certain animals that need our help & kicking back a percentage to several wildlife conservation funds around the planet. A completely independent project with support from artists & effects designers from around the world to put together something we hope people find to be truly special. The wheels started turning in February '21 & production started in May with a target date of mid-late July for initial pack launches. First set will consist of about 50 characters dropped over 3 waves with fun blends & community driven events leading up to & in between packs.

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