Alien Worlds Partners with The Horrors for First Metaversal NFT Drop

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January 8, 2021

Just 3 weeks into our soft beta launch and thousands of people have started exploring Alien Worlds. This incredibly rapid take up has driven Alien Worlds up the Blockchain Games Charts and Alien Worlds is now ranked 4th in the games section on DappRadar.

But just when you thought it would be the same NFTs in the mines, the Horrors have appeared.



In collaboration with our friends at Ultra Rare (website), and to coincide with their great new NFT collection release on WAX, we are pleased to announce that Alien Worlds’ Explorers will be able to mine 2 special Alien Worlds Ultra Rare Horrors NFTs.



The Celestial Terror is a terrifying Avatar and the Alien Bat is a scary Minion with powerful limbs. Both come from the XDimension (where many strange creatures lurk) and mint numbers will be limited to approximately 100 of each.

NFT Drop Technology

Landowner NFT Drops

The Horrors drop is not the only surprise that will soon lie in wait for miners. We have advanced our Landowner-specific NFT drop technology. This is a work in progress, but over the next few weeks we will be working with landowners to allow them to drop their own NFTs onto explorers mining on their land.

The technical details for this are in the new “Landowner-offered NFTs” section of the technical blueprint. In simple terms this means that Landowners will have the ability to send miners Landowner created NFTs using probabilities that the landowners set. This will not diminish the existing Alien Worlds NFTs and will be “in addition to” rewards governed by the Federation.




Planet NFT Drops

The same mechanism, which allows user generated NFTs to be disseminated to miners via Alien Worlds smart contracts, will be made available to Planet DAOs after Planet DAOs launch as entities with elected custodians. Alien Worlds is a metaverse within which your NFTs can reach a wide audience — but only if you’re a Landowner or you have power within a Planetary DAO.

The Federation trusts this will allow the powerful scope of the Alien Worlds extensible metaverse to be leveraged by our thousands of users, to provide their own great incentives and value opportunities to explorers.

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