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"Founded in 2021, Green Rabbit is a world wide metaverse creative team focused on NFT game design and development. A diverse group with combined skills in NFT creation, cryptocurrency, as well as game and art design. Green Rabbit is set to become the premiere team in the NFT gaming space." Our Story Green Rabbit was founded in April of 2021, when a group of like-minded individuals met on a social media platform for a popular blockchain game. Their shared love for gaming, art, and NFTs led to many creative conversations. Not soon after they began planning what would eventually be the foundation for Green Rabbit. This group of brilliant minds were just ordinary people from around the globe, but in the metaverse, they were nothing short of superstars. Each member brought their own unique set of skills to the table, from 3D artistry and video production, to web development and crypto expertise. Our Mission To provide the NFT community with an exciting and rewarding gaming experience, built with integrity and ethics, and delivered with the industry's collectors in mind."

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