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We are the remnants of the reptiloid/lizardfolk/saurian species seen in Star Trek. We entered the metaverse through a wormhole and set up headquarters in Crypto Space Commander (a blockchain game themed after Star Trek) and of course on Neri 24:10 in Alien Worlds. Our governance is based on the structure of a hegemony and our culture and values are inspired after our ancestors, the Gorn from Star Trek's Beta Quadrant. We are also looking to expand our operations in other blockchain games like Ember Sword, Metal War Game and R Planet. Our guild & community focuses mainly on blockchain entrepreneurship, NFT trading, NFT manufacturing and algorithmic trading. We partnered with tryroll.com, a blockchain infrastructure provider from New York, to build a Social Money dubbed $GORN. It's an social-proof-of-work ERC-20 token that can be earned in our Discord by supporting the guild in the various blockchain games we operate. There are also discord ranks and a "caste system" associated with $GORN as well as a rewards store for FTs and NFTs, where supporters and members of Gorn can redeem rewards in various games or even guild services.


Find the Gorn Hegemony in Discord at https://discord.com/invite/B6qvCv4

Find the Gorn Hegemony in the Web at https://gornhegemony.io/ 

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