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Alien Art is the home of Naron's finest citizens. A place where many landowners come together to work towards the goal of bettering the planet for all of its inhabitants. We are also the home of 2 whitelisted NFT collections, Blockchain Blumpas, and AlienFanArt. We pride ourselves on having the best parties in the metaverse with loads of Alien Worlds NFTS as prizes!! Stop by, say hello, and make new friends!


Alienverse is a dedicated fan site to Alien Worlds, a game built on top of the wax blockchain and will eventually have cross blockchain interactions with Ethereum. You can mine, own land, or participate in upcoming mechanics to earn Trilium(TLM) and stake it on your preferred planet. You can also use it in upcoming mechanics like card shining or the Thunderdome. You will soon be able to participate in DAO structures on planets.

Come join us and check out our guides and tools compiled from the community to have a head start.


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