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The Federation would like to encourage Miners to spread the word to fellow Explorers to #mineeveryday.

Explorers who mine every day will have a chance to win a digital game card pack.

The Federation would like to wish all Explorers good fortune with their exploration throughout the Metaverse and a special good luck to miners.

To spread the word, the Federation has created some #mineeveryday images for Miners to share with each other as they embark on their adventures.

Mine_Every_Day_in_Alien_Worlds_6.png Mine_Every_Day_in_Alien_Worlds_5.pngMine_Every_Day_in_Alien_Worlds_4.png Mine_Every_Day_in_Alien_Worlds_3.pngMine_Every_Day_in_Alien_Worlds_2.png Mine_Every_Day_in_Alien_Worlds_1.png


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