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As we navigate the complexities of Alien Worlds Governance, we find ourselves poised at an intriguing intersection. Diverse syndicates are ingeniously crafting their platforms, integrating a multitude of ideas, such as player contests, immersive games, utility tools, strategies for planetary conservation, and comprehensive initiatives. This edition provides a deep dive into the multifaceted realm of the six Planetary Syndicates. We invite you to explore the rich tapestry of these interwoven concepts, each adding a unique hue to the vibrant picture that they collectively paint.



Kavian is devoting significant resources to nurturing its burgeoning ecosystem. The planet is actively seeking content creators well-versed in blockchain technology and marketing, encompassing skills in video production, social media, article writing, and engaging with like-minded individuals. To learn more or express your interest, please join the Kavian community on Telegram.

Current Custodians



In a gesture of appreciation, Neri has allocated fifteen thousand Trilium as a token of gratitude towards Da gardner. His remarkable creation, a groundbreaking tool, empowers Alien Worlds landowners by enabling them to effortlessly boost multiple lands and slots concurrently. This remarkable tool grants Explorers easy access to comprehensive mining and planetary staking data, facilitating seamless decision-making. The best part? Tool2Earn is freely available for everyone to utilize. Explore its remarkable capabilities by visiting the following link.

Current Custodians




Magor’s Custodians are forging ahead with a compelling series of proposals, aimed at realizing an exciting new venture: Arms World, an immersive game that empowers Explorers to unleash the full potential of their Arms (Weapons). With the game’s name and logo already established, efforts are underway and the website is in the production phase. Fueled by their commitment, the custodians are establishing community channels and laying the architectural foundation, all in preparation for the unveiling of this new gaming experience.

Current Custodians



Naron has recently sponsored an impressive new tool designed to help players optimize their tool configurations. The Tool Tactician (featured below) enables players to choose three tools from a dropdown menu, as well as a land plot, and then displays the average outcome achievable with the selected combination. Moreover, the page also provides information on current mining pools. The community consistently expresses interest in innovative tools like the Tool Tactician, and it’s heartening to see Naron responding to these requests by offering valuable resources for players.

Current Custodians



In light of its recent success with mining events, Eyeke has begun to establish itself as a planet that champions the interests of everyday miners. An extra allocation of 45,000 Trilium has been set aside for the upcoming fourth Eyeke Land event. To partake in this exciting opportunity, players are encouraged to mine at any of Eyeke’s designated embassy locations listed below:

  • Eyeke 22:5
  • Magor 25:18
  • Naron 15:14

Current Custodians



Recently, Veles has allocated 2,000 Trilium to facilitate a comprehensive platform that consolidates all Alien Worlds tools and websites in a single location. By visiting Tool 2 Earn, players can conveniently access a wealth of resources and links to an array of community-driven tools and projects, all in one centralized hub.

Current Custodians


In this edition, we spotlight the distinguished custodian, XanderC, hailing from Eyeke. Having immersed himself in Alien Worlds for roughly two years, XanderC exemplifies how individuals can forge their own paths and shape their destinies within the expansive digital realm known as the metaverse.

How did you discover Alien Worlds?

“Discovering Alien Worlds was quite an intriguing journey for me. It all began back in 2018–2019 when I first delved into the world of cryptocurrency. I was following the latest developments in the crypto space and I was always on the lookout for promising projects. That’s when I stumbled upon the Binance Launchpad and noticed a token called TLM. Intrigued, I decided to join the launchpad and explore what this token was all about.

Within a day or so, I started digging deeper into TLM and soon discovered that it was the native token of Alien World Game on WAX. This piqued my curiosity even further, prompting me to visit the Alien Worlds website. To fully immerse myself in the experience, I joined WAX, which provided me with a wallet to embark on my journey of unraveling the mysteries of Alien Worlds. This was around March or April of 2021.

Being an enthusiastic explorer, I quickly became an active participant in the Alien Worlds Discord community. It was an incredible experience to witness the size and friendliness of the community. Interacting with like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for discovering Alien Worlds added an extra layer of excitement to my journey.”

What inspired you to become a custodian?

“Being a dedicated player of Alien Worlds for a significant period of time, I eagerly observed the endeavors of other Custodians to see what they would bring to the table. After approximately 60 to 70 days since the launch of the Syndicates, it became apparent to me that while some Custodians were performing admirably, others were falling short. This realization prompted me to step up and advocate for the Alien Worlds community by becoming a Custodian myself.

Embarking on this new role was not without its challenges, particularly on Planet Kavian, where I initially encountered limited support. However, driven by my desire to provide Eyeke Citizens with a fair chance, I persevered. With the assistance of the Miners Union and the valuable votes from the amazing community, I managed to secure a position as a Custodian. Thus far, this journey has been nothing short of amazing.

Throughout my tenure as a Custodian, I have remained dedicated to upholding the best interests of the Alien Worlds community. By actively engaging with fellow players, addressing concerns, and implementing initiatives, I strive to make a positive impact. Witnessing the progress and development within the community has been incredibly fulfilling, and I am excited to continue this journey as a Custodian for Planet Eyeke.”

Can you talk about some of the initiatives that Eyeke has brought forth under your custodianship?

“During my tenure as a Custodian on Eyeke, we proposed some initiatives that resonated strongly with the community and garnered a positive response. One such project was the Eyeke Embassy, where I sought the support of fellow custodians to establish an embassy that would enable the addition of lands. The purpose was to utilize the DTAL and Commission gathered by the miners to contribute back to (Eyeke Treasury) and support the long-term prospects of Eyeke.

Building upon the success of the Eyeke Embassy, we progressed to the Eyeke Land Event. This event involved adding more lands from Naron and Magor, which we designated as embassies on those planets. Eyeke citizens flocked to these embassies, engaging in mining activities. All rewards obtained during these events were sent back to the Eyeke Treasury. To further motivate and appreciate the hard work of dedicated miners, we implemented additional rewards, which proved to be highly popular among players. Currently, we are hosting our fourth Eyeke Embassy Land Event, eagerly anticipating what the future holds.

Another notable proposal we put forth was the Streaming Budget initiative. This involved setting aside a portion of TLM each week to collaborate with WAX Ambassadors and other streamers. We encouraged them to cover Alien Worlds and its features on their YouTube and Twitch streams. In return, we rewarded them with TLM and NFT tools to benefit both themselves and their communities.

Additionally, the custodians collaborated on a Mission Proposal, wherein TLM was sent to the Miners Union’s smart contract. This sponsored mission allowed explorers to utilize their Miners Union Spacecrafts, earned from mining on Alien Worlds, to acquire NFT Points and earn TLM in exchange for those ships. At one point, we even introduced a mission that dropped NFTs as rewards, although the distribution of these NFTs was carried out manually. Overall, my time as a Custodian on Eyeke has been a resounding success, with these initiatives contributing to the growth and engagement of the community.”

Do you have any advice for players who are just getting started playing Alien Worlds?

“Entering the world of Alien Worlds as a newcomer can sometimes present challenges. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the [Dacoco] staff members and the incredible communities across platforms like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and more, are always ready to offer assistance and support. If you’re new to Alien Worlds, I recommend immersing yourself in any of these platforms that suit your preferences. Start by conducting research on upcoming events that you can participate in to obtain valuable NFTs, which can enhance your mining performance.

Additionally, consider joining Land Events where hard-working miners are often rewarded, and in some cases, provided with basic tools to get started. It’s important to remember that Alien Worlds operates on the WAX Blockchain, which means there are no gas fees involved. However, you will need to stake some WAX Tokens to cover transactions such as CPU, NET, and RAM. While this aspect might seem confusing initially, there are numerous helpful videos available on YouTube that explain WAX resources. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the official Alien Worlds channels, as the community is always eager to assist.

Good luck, fellow explorers! I look forward to seeing you soon in one of the Alien Worlds channels as you embark on your exciting journey.”

Thanks again XanderC for your time.

Lore plays a pivotal role in many community activities and we would like to take this opportunity to highlight the Interplanetary Federations lore series. All Explorers are encouraged to write, create and thrive in the metaverse.


Remember Explorers, the Planetary Syndicates are independently operated by amazing people just like you! Get involved today at: Alien Worlds

For the latest information on proposals you can always visit

That’s all for this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until next time Explorers, take care of yourself and each other.

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