Alien Worlds is now in 3D!

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For the first time, Explorers can team up, travel across the Alien Worlds metaverse and quest for NFT User Points to obtain powerful tools, weapons, avatars, and more. This innovation is brought to you courtesy of EOSUSA, your premier portal provider to the MineQuest universe. Thanks to the invention of a transdimensional blockifier, Alien Worlds Explorers can now embark upon their first 3D adventure — either solo, or even better, with friends!

This is what makes a Metaverse!

A Metaverse is about connectivity, portability, and integrations. Through its underlying blockchain technology, Alien Worlds can mesh with almost any digital experience.

Visit one of the six planets, build gigantic structures, partake in PvP battles, and compete for NFT points. Build, explore, and slash your way to the top! Find instructions on how to join the Alien Worlds community servers below.

Getting Started

MineQuest Universe

How to link account and join server

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your WAX wallet, hit Link account and log into your Microsoft account.
    *This is an important step to earn while playing.
  3. Download the JAVA edition of Minecraft (Purchase if you do not have a license key)
  4. Launch the Minecraft Launcher, navigate to the Installations Tab, and hit New Installation.
  5. Name can be what you wish.
  6. In the Version box press the dropdown arrow, find the current server version: 1.19.2 and hit create.
  7. Press play on your newly created install
  8. Once loaded, press Multiplayer then Add Server
  9. Name the server what you like and in the server address box paste:
  10. Press done and then hit the play icon in the server browser.

Minecraft Instructions

Explorers will receive NFT points for participating in quests. Simply follow the steps below to participate.

Joining a Quest: and select from quests you wish to join. You can also track active Quests.

Alien Worlds Quest

How do I receive my Quest reward?

Quests will automatically reward completion after the Expiry date on the Quest.

The reward pool is shared between all Explorers who complete the Quest before the Expiration time.

Some Quests will have a “first come, first serve” mechanic as noted in the Quest description (eg: the reward is shared between the first 50 people).

There may be hidden objectives to complete certain Quests; look out for clues posted on social channels!

Check your rewards

You can use the blockchain to see if you were added as a winner to any completed Quest that has now expired.

Now that you have the instructions, join today and help bring your favorite planet to life! We look forward to hearing about your exploits, witnessing your blocky wonders, and engaging in friendly sparring matches with you in our custom gladiatorial arena!

For more information, support, or game-related questions, please visit the EOSUSA telegram channel:

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