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Suppose you have been a registered Alien Worlds user before the release of the NFT Outpost. In that case, it is possible that you are not receiving any NFT Points, even though you are using an above-Common rarity tool NFT that clearly has NFT Power.

To remedy this situation, it is required to read the terms and conditions, and then sign an action on our "federation" smart contract called "agreeterms".

  1. Read the "Terms and Conditions"
  2. If you agree to the Terms and Conditions, follow the below steps to sign the "agreeterms" action on the "federation" smart contract
  3. Using a WAX block explorer like or, go to the "federation" smart contract by entering "federation" into the search field for "account" at the top.
    Or follow this link and skip to step 7: 
  4. Go to "Contract" section
  5. Go to "Actions"
  6. Select action "agreeterms"
  7. In the fields, enter the following information

    "account": your wax wallet
    "terms_id": 1
    "terms_hash": e2e07b7d7ece0d5f95d0144b5886ff74272c9873d7dbbc79bc56f047098e43ad
  8. Click "Submit Transaction"
  9. In the wallet selection popup, select your wallet provider, usually "Cloud Wallet"
  10. Confirm the transaction in the "mycloudwallet" popup window
  11. If successful, you should see a green confirmation text, saying "Success - Your transaction was successfully pushed (...)"

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