What does the error "nothing to be mined" mean?

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June 30, 2021 - Some Explorers are finding it challenging to login or mine. During the next week, Alien Worlds game mechanics related to fairness are being adjusted. This may impact game play, causing the need for multiple refreshes or waiting for a period of time. During this time, error messages may be received, such as "Nothing to be Mined." Thank you for your patience during this time.

Meanwhile, here are some common scenarios that may result in this error message, where there is something you can do to address it:

  • The error "nothing to be mined" pops up when you mine less than 0.0001 TLM.

    This error could occur could be because your account has been marked as an automated miner. Accounts flagged this way may still mine, but their Trilium rewards are cut down by 99.xxx%, which goes lower than 0.0001 TLM. Flagged accounts also can not earn NFT game cards. If you think you have been mistakenly flagged as mining with automated tools, please contact the Support Station at alienworlds.io and/or the Support Station in the lower right corner of the Explorers' Station.

    The second reason why you would see "nothing to be mined" is if someone emptied the Planetary Mining pot just before you and you then actually mined lower than 0.0001. View the live Planetary Mining pots here  for studying and guessing at the best places to mine.

    Another instance for seeing this error would be mining with a tool with 0 mining power (such as the Causian Attractor). If you want to use the Causian Attractor or any tool with 0 mining power, you need to equip another tool with at least 1 mining power.

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