Why does my screen say "bag is locked, please wait for cool down" or "cannot change land while bag is locked"?

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You may have a Bag Locked Error if when changing lands or tools, you are seeing one of these error messages:

  • Bag is locked, please wait for cool down
  • Cannot change land while back is locked

If you are seeing one of these error messages, it is possible that the script is trying to catch up with the pending NFT game card drop probabilities. If so, the bag was locked because the last mine was resolved and the calculation of the new mine's NFT game card drop is in queue. Therefore, until that gets resolved, a bag locked error may be displayed.

In many cases, this error will be resolved within a few hours. Explorers are encouraged to visit local communities while waiting.

In addition, the Federation is making adjustments in the Metaverse to process data more quickly, so that this error will be less likely to display in the future.


Additional Info: There are explorers reporting that prior to mining again after a longer pause, like at the beginning of the day, this is a good time to change tools and/or land and then start mining again.

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