Daily Digital NFT Game Card Pack Giveaway for Miners Extended, PLUS New Weekly Giveaway for 100+ Trilium Stakers!

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Daily Pack Giveaway to One Lucky Miner

Now in its second month, the daily pack giveaway to one lucky miner has been very popular.

Good news! The Federation has just extended the daily pack giveaway throughout May and June!

These packs are only available for a limited time (yet to be determined) and will not be produced in this same exact configuration again!

Through social media promotions, Miners are encouraged to #mineeveryday for the most chances to win.

Daily pack winners can be found here


NEW! Weekly Giveaway to One Lucky Staker of 100 or More Trilium!

It was suggested by a follower on Twitter that the Federation do a giveaway to people who stake and the Federation agreed!

Beginning in July 2021, when the scope flies by to see which Explorers have staked 100 or more Trilium, one lucky staker will win a digital NFT game card pack that may include game cards and maybe even Trilium! One winner per week will receive the winning pack in their wallet automatically.

Thank you to the person on Twitter who suggested this idea!


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