I see an error message saying "You are out of CPU."

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When an Explorer sees an error message warning that the account is out of CPU, this is an error message appearing due to an issue with the WAX Cloud Wallet account being used to play Alien Worlds.

To resolve the issue and resume gameplay in Alien Worlds, you can:

  • Start by making sure you have at least 10 WAX staked to CPU in your WAX cloud wallet at www.mycloudwallet.com
  • Stake more WAX tokens to CPU in your WAX cloud wallet, or
  • Wait until your daily CPU allocation from WAX regenerates, allowing you to continue

If you are waiting for your daily CPU to regenerate, please note that it can take from 24 hours to 72 hours. It also is affected meanwhile, by your availability and usage of CPU resources on the WAX blockchain.

To stake WAX to CPU, please to go www.mycloudwallet.com and go to Resources at the right.

This link is from WAX Team and provides an in-depth explanation of why the CPU resource error message appears: WAX.io PSA:PSA: Understanding CPU Usage and Fluctuations in Accordance with Staking on WAX

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