My mine delay is being calculated wrong and it exceeds my tool's cooldown time.

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Mine delay can appear to exceed what it should be when the clock on the computer/device is set some amount of time ahead of Internet time.

In your settings, set your computer or device system clock to update automatically. This error occurs when the system time is not synced with the Internet time. The code converts the users system time into UTC and then checks the last mine time on chain which is updated in UTC.

If this keeps happening repeatedly, you might be having issues with your system and malware. If you see this happening again, be sure to check your system and beware of storing crypto on your system. Apparently clock issues can be a sign of malware.

Ideally, for a problem like this you want to try alternate time feeds like The windows one can go down sometime. Most likely to occur after windows updates, installing a new software (which came with a malware). If this problem still exists then users must try running a malware scan and also check the health of your CMOS battery (this powers the bios on the system).

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