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It has been a difficult journey for many, but now we look ahead to the Metaverse and all that it has to offer. Some of the activities that you might expect while traveling throughout the Metaverse are included here for your benefit.

If you want to jump in to play, login to your WAX Cloud Wallet, stake at least 50 WAX to CPU and click here to play Alien Worlds. Learn how to stake to CPU by reading this article: How Do I Stake WAX to CPU?

If you are the type that prefers to read the star charts first, or while waiting for your next Claim, consider exploring here. Once you know these basics, your travels will be much easier and your exploration more rewarding.


What is Alien Worlds?

How do I access the Alien Worlds Metaverse?

Who are the members of the Federation and what do they do?

Who is Aioshi?

What is the history and lore of Alien Worlds?

How do I play the game?

How do I select an avatar?

How do I start mining?

What is Trilium?

What is land?

What are tools?

What is a planet?

How do I get Trilium and tools or other NFT game cards from mining?

Why is there a popup asking me to approve a transaction?

How do I view my mining rewards?

How can I view the current planetary mining pots?

What difference do tools and land have on mining time and rewards?


The Federation wishes you the best in your travels and good fortune in your mining.






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