How does someone become a member of a planet?

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An explorer can become a voting member of a Planet by staking Trilium to that Planet and may stake Trilium to an unlimited number of planets.

Staking is an act that occurs when an explorer sends Trilium to a particular Planet's contract address and the contract sends a token for that Planet back to the explorer.

Voting will occur during Planetary Councilor elections and possibly for referendums, if issued by a Planet's Planetary Councilors.

This therefore means that each Planetary DAO’s token is ‘backed’ by the amount of Trilium staked to that Planet and each Planetary DAO’s tokens can be swapped back 1:1 into Trilium at any time. However, unstaking takes 48 hours from the time the process begins.

The Planetary DAO’s token becomes the token governing that user’s membership of a Planetary DAO.

The Planet Treasury is the Trilium balance held by the Planetary DAO.

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