How does Alien Worlds use the blockchain?

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Alien Worlds runs on the Ethereum, WAX and BNB Chain (BSC) blockchains.

Ethereum is a useful blockchain for storing and accessing Trilium, whilst WAX is a game and
NFT-focused blockchain. BSC is an attractive consumer-centric chain with a growing user base
and inexpensive transactions.

On chain components include:

  • Trilium token
  • All non fungible tokens
  • All core game play including the mining game, fighting game and further game actions
    such as quests
  • DAO governance and voting including staking
  • Database of Planets

Off chain elements include:

  • Graphical elements including of NFTs (avatars and other gameplay modifying NFTs)
  • User interfaces
    • Pack opening
    • DAO management interface
    • Mining and fighting game interfaces
  • Additional games and activities that are not part of the core distribution of TLM and/or NFTs

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