What NFT game cards exist in Alien Worlds?

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In the Alien Worlds Technical Blueprint, the official game cards issued by the Federation at inception are referred to as Core NFTs. The NFT game cards of Alien Worlds exist as a row in the database of the Atomic Assets smart contract (https://wax.bloks.io/account/atomicassets) on the WAX blockchain. The Core NFTs can be viewed through Atomic Assets and can be viewed through the Explorer on Atomic Hub. 

Core NFTs issued by the Federation at inception include:

  • Land
  • Avatars
  • Artifacts
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Minions
  • Missions

The elements of the NFT that are recorded on chain are:

  • Its name
  • Its attributes (including its visual representations and powers)
  • Who owns it
  • Its history of ownership

NFTs in Alien Worlds are depicted as trading cards; these elements are described in the
UI codebase.

Additional NFTs are available on BNB Chain (BSC) and are built on the BEP 721 standard. The NFTs on BSC exist as data in the state trie of BSC and their associated data is in a JSON file on an IPFS server.


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