What is a planet?

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Planets are the main locus of activity within Alien Worlds where mining and game play
occurs, and where governance happens. This includes:

  • Landowners can own land on planets
  • Miners can mine on a particular land on a planet
  • Explorers can stake their Trilium on a planet to gain voting rights

Each Planet sets its own resource strategy and games, and players vote for their own Planetary government with the power of their staked Trilium. Additional information about the planets includes:

  • At inception there were 6 Planets.
  • A Planet is represented by a WAX account and its corresponding smart contract.
  • New Planets can be created by the Federation. The terms and conditions of the Planet
    award will be negotiated between the community and the Federation. This may include,
    but will not be limited to, Planetary (DAO) Tokens, Land and other NFTs.
  • The Federation will also provide the Planets with smart contracts to run their mining and
    fighting games.
  • Planets receive a daily flow of Trilium from the Federation which the Planets’ Custodians
    choose how to allocate down to users.
  • Planets within Alien Worlds are planetary Decentralised Autonomous Communities (DAOs).

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